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I make high vibe music to help you remember who you are. To remind you of your power. To fall in love with your life. To activate souls. To assist the shift into new earth.

I produce all my music myself and I make beats for other high vibe music artists. Songs you might know that I produced the beats for are $money Mantra$ by Moonlight Scorpio, Butterfly 222 by Maijah, their joint Return 2 Sender & Mama Chel's Ascension Immersion podcast intro.

I am based in London since 2011, born & raised in a small town in Germany. I started teaching myself how to produce & record when I was 26 back in 2017. Ending of 2020 I finally let go of trying to copy popular music & stopped watering down my message and spoke from my heart.

Its funny to think now, that back then I didn't believe that there would be an audience for my hippie 5D ascension music.

making music to assist the shift


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