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get your music to its fullest potential faster

I believe that once you apply your true essence onto your music, it will be the most impactful. In these sessions, I will help you to discover how you can make your music even more authentically like you as this is simultaneous to success and good sound. 

In these sessions I pull my knowing from what I've learned teaching myself and combine it with my ability to tap into energy fields and see what can be released or looked at differently, to progress faster and with more ease. 

The ethos is to tap into your true essence and work with what feels light rather than force. That way, things happen faster anyways. 

When you select a time slot, before you submit, there is a questioner, where you can leave me all the information you'd like, that I will the use to tap into your work. On the call, I will let you know what I feel you can change and adopt to make the process more fun and more impactful and more yourself

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