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Are you a high vibe music artist looking to raise the collective frequency and feel like you can benefit from extra support on your music journey?

The mission is more high vibe music 

I would feel honoured to accompany and advise you on the process of creating and distributing your high vibe music that the world needs.

This is for you if..

  • You are looking for direct support in creating and distributing your music 

  • You would like a second pair of ears to help your music be even more impactful 

  • You feel lost or stuck with your music at times

  • You don't know where to start

  • You would like to accelerate your music creation and releases

What's included

  • Weekly calls & screen share sessions if needed to discuss your music, where you are at and what you need guidance on

  • You can text me directly anytime when you have any questions related to your music creation and distribution

Someone to answer your questions

It can be frustrating having to look for answers to quick questions on the internet, just shoot me a text instead.

Send me your drafts

It slows me down so much when things don't sound right and I don't know what it is. You can send me your drafts and I can give you advice on how to improve it.


I'll help you with any music related queries you have. From not knowing what distributer is best for you, to whether to record at home or in studio etc.


I taught myself everything I know; producing, recording, mixing and mastering and releasing my music. Therefore I know how frustrating it can be to have no one to ask your questions to and spending so much time searching for the right answer online which then leads to 10 more questions.

If I would have had a second pair of ears, with the same vision for the world, things would have been way more straight forward. Someone I could just text anytime when a question was holding me back from creating. 

I can advise you weather you are looking to produce your own beats, buy them off the internet, edit & record your vocals by yourself or choose to go to a music studio and let them be edited professionally. 

I am here to listen to your drafts, or parts you are not happy with, and suggest how those can be improved and what sounds well or off. 

We will go through your specific goals and needs in a free initial call to see if our visions and skill sets are in alignment xx


Message me on Telegram @itsmonita with
- an example of your music
- where you are currently at in your music journey
- your socials 

We then arrange a free and quick call to see if our visions are in alignment and if this mentorship is something you, your music and the world can benefit from.
Energy Exchange $555 for one month

5 calls (including screen share sessions)  + Support via Telegram

We decide each month if we feel like continuing the mentorship xx

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  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
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